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Though authentic and result oriented, herbal medicine ( treatment) but for today saw most of its practitioners retiring at the early stages of their career. The introduction of Orthodox medicine ( treatment) drifted attention and brought the former under serious scrutiny and maligning. Scientifically, concerns were raised on the safety, efficacy and genuinety of these herbal products whiles others thought they were outmoded.

Thankfully, the herbal industry is currently one of the fastest growing industries the world over. It has proven to be the most secured and domineering in providing health solutions to individuals from all walks of life. However, achieving this feat didn’t come on a silver platter. Getting to this pedestal took the relentless efforts of passionate and trained practitioners like T.Dr. Joel Tetteh Nartey and his ‘Dogo Herbal Home located at Race Course, Lapaz.

DOGO HERBAL HOME is a state of the art herbal shop with three (3) FDA approved certifications for the treatment of INFERTILITY, LOW SPERM COUNT, SEXUAL WEAKNESS/ PREMATURE EJACULATION, PENIS ENHANCEMENT, TYPHOID FEVER, WEIGHT LOSS/ WEIGHT GAIN MANAGEMENT, ULCER etc. It has grown to become a well resourced firm equipped with ultramodern machines for the production of herbal products like DOGO BLOFFAT HERBAL MIXTURE (for the treatment of constipation, improve metabolism, weight loss and general wellbeing), BEFFAT HERBAL CAPSULES (enhances blood circulation, reduces belly fat and general wellbeing management), DOGO PURE HONEY DROP amongst others. It houses highly trained professionals who sits at the pantheon in herbal administration providing the best of healthcare to clients. They are currently the biggest herbal home in Africa with a record of treating the most complicated ailment with their herbal products.

In a media interaction during the grand opening of DOGO Herbal Home last Saturday, the CEO, T.Dr. Joel Tetteh Nartey A.K.A Bra DOGO Muffasa tells his excitement and his willingness to go any mile to give a deserving image to the herbal industry.

“Today is a special day not only for me, but the entire herbal industry. My journey in this profession wasn’t all rosy in the beginning. I remember how my colleagues back in day saw all these to be time wasting and advised me to invest my time into a more lucrative career, but I declined their advice. Today, I am happy to announce that, my success in this profession has drawn the attention of majority of the youth like myself to take herbal medicine as a full time career and this is a big win for Ghana and the future of herbal medicine” he explained.

T.Dr. Joel Tetteh Nartey who happens to be an ardent follower of the creative arts activities, gave a laid down plan of how he’s winning majority of the youth into herbalism via his regular entertainment events.

“My way of healing may be uniquely different from other traditional healers. From the inception of my career, I realized majority of people especially the youth are not too open to discuss whatever ailment hidden in their bodies with anyone. They would rather be killed by the ailment then to open up. I also realized depression, erectile disfunction, barrenness etc. were the major problems the youth were dealing with secretly. To combat this, I decided to get the youth closer to me by combining entertainment and arts to my herbal healing prowess. This challenged me to be organizing regular health-walks, music concerts, rap battles and other entertaining trips involving celebrities. These fun games has helped a chunk of the youth to open up on issues eating them up. In return, we provide the necessary assistance and help to such individuals and that has always been my hallmark as a traditional healer” he concluded.

Visit DOGO HERBAL HOME located at lapaz, race course for all your health complications. Alternatively, you can get interactive with us on all our social media platforms.


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Email: DogoHerbalHome@gmail .com Number: 0247063891


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