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Sarkodie breaks down dark years in his career

Sarkodie on the Bold Convo episode 2 with Tilly Akua Nipaa, has revealed how certain comments made by some Ghanaians and a section of the media affect him and other artistes.

On the new episode of BOLD CONVO with Sark, Sarkodie speaks about certain special moments in his career and how he will blow his own horn if the nation does not celebrate him.

Sarkodie expressed that artiste also goes through hard times, which makes it difficult to push out any material or be creative.

He added that this even gets worse when they hear certain comments from people, especially on the radio.

Adding that, had he not been strong, some comment would have broken him long ago.

Sarkodie said on the BOLD CONVO with Tilly Akua Nipaa that ”

In A Certain Year, You Have Very Dark Year, And They Will Say Stuff That If You are Not Strong It Can Break You Down”. However, Sarkodie said he is one that wouldn’t quit regardless, majorly because he has a family to feed and has boundaries to break.

Commenting on how Ghanaians treat talents, Sarkodie gave a detailed breakdown of the life cycle Ghanaians project on their artists.

He said, “They love you when they see that you have the potential; when you come in, they are like, oh we made you, and now they are looking at you are moving out of the way.”

He finally mentioned that he could not complain about support from the industry because he gets supported as much as he supports others.

The Bold Convo with Sark is a 4-pack series on Oneplay Africa hosted by Tilly Akua Nipaa.

Watch the interview below:

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