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Ghanaians use ‘humility’ to cover their jealousy – Lydia Forson drags Yaw Tog’s attackers

Outspoken Lydia Forson has a word for critics who shamed Yaw Tog for his infamous Stormzy comment. According to the actress, people hide their jealousy behind ‘humility’ caution to drag successful people down.

In a series of tweets, Lydia Forson, in her usual candid way, has thrown her support behind Yaw Tog despite the agenda set against him by tweeps. She re-shared the young Kumerica rapper’s apology tweet and captioned it.

“He didn’t even have to come and clarify this. Because I immediately understood what he was trying to say. But so many of you decided to react to a short(mischievous)clip meant to get him dragged. All the “humble yourself” people, how far? Let young people be! Ah, you like that.”

Miss Forson also explained why most people were offended by the free-spoken comment from Yaw Tog.

She said, “Everyday ‘humble yourself’, ‘humble yourself’. But what they actually mean is, I don’t want you to throw your success in my face so I can feel better about myself. Jokes.”

“Ghanaians will ‘humility’ you to death and convince you it’s the ONLY way you will survive. It’s funny to me; like I’ll never be mad at someone saying they’re the best or better. It doesn’t kill my shine, when I feel I’m the best too. “Y’all” relax “waii”,” she continued.

Lydia Forson was definitely on a roll because she didn’t stop there. She continued to chasten the attackers for coming after Yaw Tog for his ‘harmless comment’.

“You’ll be using ‘humility’ to cover up your jealously. Every time someone becomes successful, you position yourself to be judge, jury, manager, and advisor. Why not invest all that advice in yourself if you know so much. Humility monitors.”

Source: 3news.com

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