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LGBT+ group agenda for publicity is working – Nicholas King

Head of Perception Management International (PMI) print house, Nicholas King, has opined that the whole LGBT+ issue that has become the main topic for discussion all over the country, is nothing but an agenda that unfortunately, seems to be working for them.

Discussing the issue on eTV Ghana’s In Bed with Adwen, he shared with host Adwen the love Doctor that the issue of LGBT legalization in Ghana started a long time ago however if Ghanaians or the authorities had taken a bold stand and made clear our take on the matter, we would not be where we are today.

He noted that although the President after saying in an interview that it is bound to happen, has again come out to clarify that Ghana will never accept it, the members of the LGBT have their agenda and they are riding on the President’s initial words and disregarding the latter.

He suggested that more publicity be made on the interview in which the President stated that Ghana will not legalize the LGBT+ movement so that everyone is clear on the President’s take.

King continued, “I hear the LGBT+ community is backed by a lot of wealthy people so if we are not specific on our stance, they will push their agenda even more. They didn’t just wake up one day and get to where they are. They have done a lot of underground work before pushing this agenda so we have to face them with a clear stance”.

In his opinion, being the topic of discussion all over the country is all part of their agenda to be more known and to grow in number. On that note, Nicholas advised parents to keep an eye on their children especially now that they have been exposed to the internet as a result of virtual learning.

Source: e.TV Ghana

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