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Know this. People don’t always come into your life to add value. People also come into your life so that you may add value by touching their lives in a special way and helping them grow. However, there is always a time when you guys will begin to drift apart and expressly or impliedly, you must say goodbye.
Goodbye; not because you have quarreled, but because the season of your attachment is over. You will not see them as often as you used to and this will not mean that they do not value your impact in their lives. It means they need to grow up and move on…
You guys will run into each other from time to time, and speak to each other from time to time; but do not interpret this as a disconnection. It’s a season of life. There’s a time for everything. Let them grow up and move on, so that all their learning may find expression.
This is the will of God, the core of nature and the way of our ancestors, because everything God has given life must grow… And if it be God’s will for your destinies, your paths will cross again. You guys will reunite, just like old times

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