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A company wanted to recruit someone i knew for a job. The CEO inquired from me whether the guy could do the job.
I tried and explained the good work ethics he commands, his writing skills and the way he pays attention to detail. The CEO had so much trust in me since most of the advice i gave him, came to pass so, he gave that friend the opportunity to work with him.
My friend didn’t know the good things i had said about him and also was not aware that, it was through my testimony that he was employed together with his own educational merit.
Later, the CEO also inquired from my friend about the possibility of also employing me in the company. What my friend said about me was despicable. All sorts of baseless allegations were leveled against me. The employer was shocked to the bone that, someone i had said so many good things about, could vilify and denigrate me in that manner. He didn’t want me to be in the same place with him.
The CEO called my friend to his office and told him that, he was employed based on the good testimony i gave of him without his knowledge but, was surprised of his testimony of me. SURO NIPA.
The friend couldn’t survive in the company when he couldn’t deliver on the work assigned him.
The way you see some of your friends, that’s not the way they see you. You are alone in this journey of life. There are good ones out there too.
Friends today, enemies tomorrow. Watch whom you testify of. He might not do same for you.

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