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Proverbs 25 vrs 17 admonishes us to seldom set foot in our neighbors house so that they don’t become weary of us.
In Proverbs 3 vrs 27 -28, it also tells us that, when you have the capacity to do good to someone, do it immediately rather than telling the person to go and come some other time when you have it with you.
People seek favours from friends and family members for so many reasons. Either the person has gone into a situation of incapacitation, death, unemployment,traveling expenses, educational expenses, health issues etc. Some also are deliberately lazy and tend to rely on people for their survival. They are parasites. They seems to have problems everyday and often target their clients. Just know the situation your friend is in before asking for a favor.
When i went into my worst situation, i asked a friend for help. I had helped him when i was in my elements to sojourn abroad. By God’s grace, he had made a lot of fortunes over there and was basking in the glory of riches. He brought goods from abroad and marketed them here. I thought he could help me in a small way, but he never did.
He brought certain goods for sale and i took advantage of it by marketing it to the public without him knowing. I had a client who was ready to buy some of the goods and thought i could also get my cut.
I took the client to my friend’s house but he had a CCTV so, saw us from afar. I saw him standing on his balcony but as soon as we entered the house, the wife told us that he had gone out. Apparently, he had told the wife not to allow me in because i had asked for help from him and he failed to help so, was thinking,i was bringing my problems to him.The wife should have even asked me of my mission but, they had a prejudiced mind.
I was sad but not surprised. I told the wife that, we were there to buy some of their goods when we showed her the money. Immediately, she said she was checking the bedroom if the husband was there. Lo and behold, there came my friend whom the wife said he had gone out when she saw the money.
I told my friend that, i never denied him of help when he was in trouble but thought he could do same for me. I walked out of his house and told him how unfair he had treated and thought of me. We never bought from him.
Don’t ever think that someone will help you the way you did for him.
I have since sworn NEVER to ask of any help from him. He’s gone to ask other friends to intervene.
Be strategic when asking favours from friends and family members.

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