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Kurl Songx inks new deal with Black Eagle Entertainment

After releasing ‘Tunnel Light’ under his ‘KurlsMusic’ label, Kurl Songx is swimming in glory as the talented musician is reported to have signed a mouthwatering deal with Black Eagle Entertainment – a record label owned by Ghanaian-Nigerian Stanley Commodore.

The label boss in an interview with GhanaWeb would not disclose details of the agreement but mentioned that Kurl Songx’s music prowess as well as his focus were among the factors Black Eagle Entertainment considered before signing the singer.

“It was an honour speaking to him for the first time,” said Mr. Commodore. “I had looked at what he’s done. If you see him perform live on stage, if he’s not the best, he’s one of the best in Africa. That alone was enough for me to say it’s going to be a good investment.”

Commodore disclosed that the deal was signed about a month ago. However, the team, according to him, decided to not make it public until the right time.

Despite the challenges that appear to have bedeviled several record labels and scared some individuals from investing in the Ghanaian music industry, a confident Commodore said he was unfazed because of his team of indefatigable persons ready to grease the wheels of the firm.

“Many companies are formed every day and struggle to survive,” he admitted. “It could be a lack of investment, could be because of management… As a label, we are ten times strong now in terms of backend teams that will support the artiste and get marketing going. I’m the man in charge but this thing is bigger than myself.”

Commodore’s vision is simple – he wants to project talents to the world.

He said: “As much as we talk about investment, the goal of the label is not just money. Of course, we want to make money but that is not the ultimate goal. The goal really is to establish these artistes, take the music to other countries. I’m looking at cross borders and boundaries…”

Kurl Songx released his first song under the label on Friday, October 23, 2020 and is expected to release an EP before long.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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