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Popular gospel artiste, Mr. Paul Addae, known in the Showbiz circles as Bra Paul has stated in an interview that, musicians are the most educated people across the globe.

The statement came after the artiste, who has blessed our lands with popular songs like tetelestai, Bibiaa Beye Fine, Gyina Pintin amongst others think musicians over the years have not been accorded enough respect as most individuals think musicians are cheap and uneducated.

Bra Paul acknowledged the fact that, though a handful of musicians churn out meaningless songs, about 90% of his kind are great philosophers and intellectuals no field has ever produced. To him, music as a whole is not for the layman, and to be called a musician, you have to be deep, versed and knowledgeable on all areas and happenings in the world and its entirety.

Without any whirlwinds, the gospel maniac was blunt as he stated emphatically that, musicians (both gospel and secular), without any debate, are the most educated individuals the world has ever produced.

“Musicians in general are the most educated people in the world. Unlike other fields, different talented individuals are grouped under one big umbrella to be called musicians. A musician without any doctorate background can heal with his or her song but this doesn’t come on a silver platter. Musicians are deep thinkers and researchers and always discover things most individuals on the other fields dares not venture. Statistically, musicians are very apt in summary. Isn’t it amazing how a musician, with years of researching will summarize all those details ( research details) in a three minutes song making sure all aspect of the research is captured in the song? Let’s not allow the entertainment aspect of musicians overshadow other relevant areas of their work.

“Outstandingly, we have thousands of millions of songs dispersed globally, but each song has got a unique lyrics. This is an indication that, before a song is released by an artiste, he goes through series of research, making sure his or her lyrics don’t match an already made song in the system even if his motivation came from an existing song. This is a hallmark of excellence in academia, to be creatively unique” he explained.

Bra Paul further explained that education isn’t only obtained in lecture halls and classrooms but the knowledge one exhibit in their area of expertise.

“When you talk of education, it is a process of teaching, training, and learning and musicians have provided these to their fans over the years, they (musicians) surpass professors. Being educated isn’t about listening to lectures in classrooms. However, it is about how endowed one is in all areas of life, be it religion, tradition, economy amongst others. Most at times, musicians see themselves uneducated because they have no degrees or any certifications but, to be able to compose, write, arrange and sing a song, putting all the necessary ingredients for public consumption is a task which can’t be performed by 99% of our Ph.d holder’s.

“Lyrics of most musicians are mostly studied in some universities across the globe. Some authors base their writings solely on the lyrics of a musician. Lyrics of some musicians are the main source of education and enlightenment to some top leaders and business moguls in governing their countries and managing their businesses respectively. Are we all not privy to the fact that 90% of the worlds population takes motivation and inspiration from music each time they are down and feel like giving up? How many times have we not heard that music has saved many souls from committing suicide after a series of counseling sessions? A motivational speaker can’t be a musician either can a doctor, preacher, teacher, and authors but, a musician can fit well into all these genres and even perform better, so, who then is the most intelligent and educated? It is a musician!

“ We have musicians who have over 100- 150 popular albums, how many authors can boast of same popularity?” He asked.

Bra Paul finally advised the general public to give maximum respect to the musician as they are the most educated people God ever created.

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