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Their performance yesterday lacked the fundamentals of an Acapella group….JQ

I’ve seen all the insults but I’m not bothered by it at all. I’ve equally seen all those calling me a hater but let me ask, what’s the hate for? Anyone who can’t take criticism should not choose showbiz as a career. We’ve all been criticized and me for example I’ve heard worse things but my claim to fame was inspired by the critiques. Tiny even did a song to diss me, mobile boys (a Hiplife group) criticized me, some radio presenters and djs said the worse things to me, but through it all I made it. One of the reasons why the industry is where it is now is the fact that people wanna be criticized how they deem fit,. Yesterday I chanced on the streaming of GMA (USA) and the first performance I saw was DSP Kofi Sarpong. It was difficult to enjoy his performance because of the back up singers. It was difficult to marry the two together, and a lot of the viewers expressed those sentiments in the comments. Though DSP was on point with his vocals (hitting the right notes and singing in key) same couldn’t be said about the background voices. Then an acapella group came to perform (with some members who distorted DSP’s performance in the acapella group) and instead of redeeming themselves, it ended up being musically abysmal. I criticized both the background singers of DSP Kofi sarpong and the acapella group and apparently a member of the group took to his Facebook page to insult me. He claimed it’s taken them 3yrs of hard work to get to where they are so probably he thinks with those years under their belt, they don’t deserve my criticism. What is interesting is that out of the 100% comments on their performance, 90% (or more ) shared my plight. The interesting part of this whole thing is that this guy attacking me for criticizing them even explained on his FB they had technical issues on stage, which goes to prove that they didn’t even like their own performance that much yesterday. When it comes to music, I say it as it is. Their performance yesterday lacked the fundamentals of an Acapella group – which are Ear training (i.e being able to know when u sing off pitch, flat or sharp) and this come with intonation and tonality. Of all the back lash they got, this guy claimed it was my comment that “pierced his heart.” Mr group member, don’t be like Akuapem polo who insulted the few people who criticized her picture with her son to only find out later that those she called haters were actually telling her the truth. I don’t know that group and neither did I see their faces yesterday but I would have passed the same comments to anyone who happened to be in that group. Nasty equally performed yesterday and everyone enjoyed his performance. The truth is always bitter. You guys should encourage yourselves with the criticisms you got yesterday, go back to the drawing board and prove to all and sundry that you have a place in the music industry. Insulting me won’t correct your tonality issues neither will the applause of your followers correct your pitch. I’ll end with this quote from Norman Vincent Peale “The trouble with most of us is that we’d rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.”

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