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Never date a single mom, it’s not wise to start a game 1-0 down – DKB advises

Ghanaian comedian Derrick Kobina Bonney popularly known as DKB has advised young guys to stay away from single mothers who are fondly referred to as ‘Born ones’ in Ghanaian parlance.

The comedian wrote that the most uncomfortable question a single mother never wants to hear when she’s looking for a relationship is; ‘is that your child’? He advised that young guys should never be deterred from asking such a question to know more about the girls they want to date.

He likens a relationship with a single mother with a football match where one opponent is already down by a number of goals even before kick-off. He said it’s unwise to do that.

He tweeted; “Is that your child? The most uncomfortable question for born ones when they want a relationship with you! Young kings, don’t stop, keep asking, any child u see around them, ask Wai. Else you’ll start a match from 1-0. A word to the wise, a fool says it’s incomplete.”

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