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‘So what next after Ghana’s Most Beautiful???!!!’

‘So what next after Ghana’s Most Beautiful???!!!’
People kept asking me and I’m so sure I’m not the only one who gets to be asked this question.
This same question must’ve popped up one two many times every single year before and after each season.
Sometimes it’s just a whole mouthful or perhaps… simply lost for words and my fellow Queens might attest to it.

Our lives as GMB Queens after the show has been high and low moments till date, meaning some of us have been in very great and exciting times and some of us have been in very difficult times.
Some of us have been positively loud out there while some of us have been ‘negatively’ silent.
Some have had good standing perhaps before or after partaking as regional representative queen in the beauty pageant which is now called by its initials GMB.
Some too have been so down and silent perhaps before or after partaking as queen from prospective region.
But what am I saying…
Life itself is filled with good and bad, sweet and sour. Fate favours some, Fate fail some. Religiously speaking, ‘That’s how God made His world and only He understands and knows it all’ hallelujah.

Now, one hot afternoon, I Queen Akasi was busily sorting out work when I got a text from Queen Eyram asking if I would like to join the ALL GMB QUEENS’ WhatsApp group.
I was so hesitant but put it into thoughts within seconds and had reasonable convictions why I must accept to be part of it and today I have no regret at all in fact I have benefited greatly together with other Queens, the Love and Support showed towards each other is quite profound.


This group is called THE GMB UNITED which consists of Queens from Season One to 2019 , more to be added as the years roll by and still working on getting every once and future Queen who stood and will stand on that TV3 Studio B stage as a representative queen of her region.

The GMB UNITED Queens, after contributing to help save my life from frightful medical conditions are now cooking up another soup to serve our nation Ghana as a whole in this pandemonium of COVID 19, nonetheless how many places that can be reached out.
And I was moved to tell this story to let you know dear reader, that, we didn’t only wear those beautiful clothes and make-ups and high-heels to show off our redefined beauties but to also promote national unity just as our slogan reads.
So watch out for more stories and activities from the GMB UNITED Camp soonest and I will serve your plate with what whets your appetite.

Thanks for reading.

Written by
Pamela L. AKASI Nyarko.

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