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Thanks but no thanks Rex Omar send strong message to A-Plus

Dear Kwame A-Plus,

Thank you very much for your “ADVICE” but I’ll not take it because it lacks sincerity.
Isn’t you this same A-Plus who vigorously campaigned in 2016 for the then candidate
Nana Akufo -Addo of the NPP? When you and a host of Ghanaian artistes including Daddy Lumba, Lucky Mensah, Kaakyire Kwame Appiah just to name the few wrote songs and even mounted platforms and campaign for your then lover the Npp, did you advice yourself or your colleagues? When your party the NPP eventually won the 2016 election and you A-Plus for some reason best known to yourself fell out with them, why didn’t you divert your energy to campaign for the betterment of the music industry as you are asking me to do I thought you are also a musician? But NO! You went ahead to form another political movement the (TPP) right? Kwame, you see, some of us have been with our party right from day one since 1992, check you age and tell yourself how old you were then, and we have been loyal to our party the NDC till today because our motive has always been for the love and the service of mother Ghana.
Now let me enlighten you a bit;

1. The work of Ghamro is voluntary and every musician can decide to volunteer including yourself if you decide to become a member someday.
2. Daddy Lumba is among the highest earners in Ghamro so your assertion and the figures you’ve quoted in your so called advice is inaccurate
3. On what moral ground do you a later day musician/political activist advising me to do what?
4. I’m still wondering what you sought to achieve with this your so called “ADVICE.” Did you do this to impress most of the musicians who think like you in relation to your lack of understanding as to what Ghamro is and what it does? Or perhaps you did this to look good so as to win back the trust of your OLD WIFE the NPP?
5. If there’s any artiste who at the peak of his career has sacrificed and continue to do so till date for the general good of the music industry in Ghana, I know I’m one of them so please if you can’t recognize what I’ve done and continue to do, please get out of my way with your rant, oh “ADVICE”
6. Last but not the lease, please understand that not you or anyone can stop me from doing what I believe is right for myself and my country because my integrity is intact. And again thanks for your “ADVICE” but please know that it’s been thrown into the dust bin.

Rex Omar

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