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The world for well over six months is faced with a canker that is seemingly causing the collapsing of the world economy. Appearing from nowhere, the Noble Coronavirus has not only claimed thousands of innocent lives but has successfully forced world leaders to close down institutions and businesses in a way to curb its spread.

But for yesterday, the church was one of the many institutions that suffered intensely until the president during his tenth address on covid-19 eased restriction measures by lifting the ban on churches. From his ( the president’s) speech, churches can now hold services but with a congregation of not more than one hundred ( 100) members.

Prior to this, most ministers of the gospel vented out their anger as to why churches are not allowed to gather and intercede for the nation especially in these crucial times. Again, the ban on churches raised a lot of unanswered questions especially, being privy to the fact that, a church is a spiritual institution and literary represents the presence of God on earth and, since the fight against covid-19 is not possible without the presence of God, the decision was somehow alarming though others had a contrary opinion.

The approach to some was a call in the right direction but gospel musician, Bra Paul schools us spiritually on the negatives this approach will have on Christians.

The singer during a one-on-one interview stated emphatically that, the devil invented the novel coronavirus to cripple Christianity and he has succeeded in that regard.

“What we experienced (closing of churches) wasn’t just a mere coincidence. It was a masterminded act plotted and pelted by the devil to disable and cripple Christianity through our world leaders.

“The devil as we know is the ruler of the world but he was limited. He ( the devil) though ruler of the world never had full access to operate and control the world as he wished and it was because of one thing, the church!

“The church has always been his number one enemy and would do anything to get it out of his way. This whole coronavirus brouhaha was targeted at Christians (the church) and no one else, henceforth, all the countries which adhered and agreed to the directives of their leaders to close down their churches should brace themselves for more atrocities to befall them and the world at large. The devil during these past weeks have planted some evil seeds globally and we shouldn’t be surprised to see its ripple effects on our youths in weeks to come.

Gayism, lesbianism, the love for money and wearing of seductive clothes etc would be on the rise. Henceforth, the church would not be the same again for he ( devil) now has access and control over the affairs of the church.

“This goes beyond what we are seeing. If a church who is suppose to take instructions from God but for some reasons is now taking instructions from world governance as to the hours and number of congregants they should host for a service, you can imagine the danger ahead.

“Again, preaching salvation in churches should be a thing of the past. A church according to the president can only host one hundred congregants for one hour. This means most of the church activities that contributed and is still contributing positively in the upbringing of a Christian child would be dropped. The pastor knowing how limited he is with time will concentrate less on salvation messages but on offertory. Garnering and amassing money from members will be the main aim of majority of the pastors within the given hour because, the maximum time he would get to preach would be less hence, he wouldn’t be able to drive the message well to the understanding of the congregants and so, he wouldn’t even border to walk on that tangent. These are steps the enemy (devil) has adopted to break the church!”He lamented.

When asked to mention some negatives this attack will have on Ghana as a nation, he had this to say;

“If you think you’ve endured suffering, brace yourself for the worse! True believers will be faced with long suffering until they denounce their faith to join some yet to be initiated acts. The mark of the beast (666) has been activated hence, Ghanaians shouldn’t be surprised to see certain immoral acts getting legal backings. We should pray the presence of God doesn’t leave Ghana in the coming years for what we are about to witness is an abomination in the sight of God” he concluded.

Bra Paul has been an exceptional gospel singer in the last few years. He’s churned out great hits like tetelestai ( Pentecost praise), Gyina Pintin, Akristofo Nyame amongst others. He is currently out with his latest single Bibiaa Beye fine ( BBF). Follow and get interactive with him on these social media platforms;

FACEBOOK: @BraPaulMinistries.

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