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What Christianity should do for You.

Many have bombarded Christians over a century about the Christian faith. Many have suffered at the hands of others who were not formerly convicted of such faith, for some particular reason some never believed what these suffering Christians at that time believed. Others at some point came to the point of believing and were even known as persons who penned more than half of the New Testament – Paul formerly the persecutor, later became the apostle. Isn’t that interesting?

Christianity as a faith has encountered numerous attacks and has recorded tremendous supernatural encounters through miracles instantly or progressively over history. Today, what should Christianity really do for a person? This is my question one sunny Sunday morning.

From my perspective as a young writer, I believe strongly that if you believe in something, whatever you believe should benefit you personally and you should get to the point that you will want to die for whatever you believe. The inability to die for a faith you belong to is then questionable and I call it the “gimmick” lifestyle.

At least what I believe is that a person stands for good or bad. Anything in between this clearly defined stance I recommend one needs to sit and make a decision.

Christianity for some is a “sham” for others it’s a point of deliverance from life’s basic and extended atrocities with hope after life. There are few experiences I have had about this faith specifically Christianity and will share is that personally I am the curious type who wants to test things for myself no matter the argument made about a person or thing necessary or not. I realized that Christianity is what I call the non-dependent movement of a person on a God you do not see with physical eyes but know for certain and can bet a bottom dollar exist through his holy words, comparatively is the wind. Do you see the wind? But trust you me it’s wonderful having the wind sweep you off when your room or body temperature is crying out loud for fresh air.

What Christianity should do for you is to personally aid you to solve your problems from the spiritual angle to this physical world, where there’s chaos and anarchy. Such benefit can be possessed only by believing and receiving Jesus. This together gets you to walk in FAITH. With that, you bring down the supernatural to the natural for you to live victorious every second.

“A faith that can’t be died for is not to be lived for”- Bait Moore Quotes.

By: Dzo bibi

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