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When a million and one suitors are desperate to have a relationship with or marry a particular woman it’s not for nothing. It is obvious that women have an unspeakable and inestimable value that those men want to benefit from.

Tell me which single continent do you know that is not desperate to have a relationship with Africa? Not even one that I know of yet none of them is willing, not ready to RESPECT Africa. I haven’t seen Africa African government exploiting or privatizing the resources of another foreign country nor acquiring land like Chinese and others are doing all over Africa.

I thought I was very strong but now I know I am not at The REAL KING KONG GORILLA I used to be. I woke up today watching documentaries about the BIAFRA WAR, THE ASSASSINATION OF MOUAMAR GADAFFI & THE ASSASSINATION OF THOMAS SANKARA. Indeed we can’t continue to be robbed of that great destiny that awaits us all AFRICAN PEOPLE. It’s high time we wake up.

I have been to very many parts of the world on music tour with @StanleyEnow The KING OF HIP HOP. Trust me the situation of Black People all over the world especially from Africa is so alarming but there is hope. A new NEGRO is emerging. The only thing slowing down the process is lack of unity among us.

I call on you all African People in and out of Africa to wake up even more at all levels. It’s time to take concrete action not just speeches and determine not just our future but also that of the rest of the world.

By Martin Enow

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