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Game your child should play to reduce poverty.

There’s an adage that echoes catch them young and they shall be yours forever. What is catching your children young? I agree children must play and have some entertainment but for how long are you contributing to poverty as a global canker unawares? I know by now you are asking me how you contribute to that. May be its because you have been too busy to discern and that’s why I will always bring you extracts to aid you be reminded of what you and I can do to make impact in our generation now and beyond. I basically believe in being there for another even in writing, and whether you appreciate or not I still will.

Actually, most of the issues happening in our generation I vouch it’s partly our leaders but frankly, how long will we be political about this? This issue of poverty is of global concern and of great relevance it’s one of the first five goals under the SDG’s, got it? So it’s not about politics! If we really want to be better people and leave behind a better generation, you and I must make it our responsibility to support and personally make necessary effort no matter how small to contribute to reducing Poverty right from our individual homes.

In my contribution, I recommend the game monopoly. Interestingly it’s a game families can play once a month depending on family schedules. I know it sounds like herculean task on your calendar, well its either you unconsciously allow your family and the next generation to wallow in poverty by only having it in mind school is the breakthrough to prosperity, even the bible talks about training. How many educated do you know and all became wealthy not rich?

I am not disputing school as unnecessary but I am stating that deliberately involve your whole family into relative games that is existent in the real world and that is financial education. I dare you that ninety percent of schools around the world do not do this, which is give basic financial education school children before high school. Can you ask why? Some claim their children will get rich by schooling, if so why are most parents disappointed after spending their life savings and retirement on their wards education and the family name can only be remembered for poverty stricken reputation in society. This situation has a tendency to tear the family apart into unnecessary quarrels, envy, greed and jealousy

Most will not see this as an issue of concern now until they start to bite their finger nails and remember they heard, read, argued an article put across here today.

I know reasons will be you don’t know how to play, sure I also never knew until chidden below the age of 15 taught me, and I was getting to 30 before I learnt about the game. I humbled myself to learn and seriously I haven’t gotten it all but I am still on it and developing little relevant inputs now and then to make the vision zero poverty have input from my initiatives as well. What’s yours? I believe a child across the world is waiting your input too.

Get the game, read instructions about, search online for visual aids concerning the game, play with your children and observe how you sweep poverty your of your room and family name.

“Not everyone will go to school to be rich but everyone can be taught to be rich through a deliberate realistic financial education before age 12.” – Bait Moore Quotes.


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