Apart from looking great as a man why you must learn how to dance.

Women in nature are adventurous and curious, it’s only a few who are reserved. There’s a feminine instinct that naturally wants more. Women seem to be creatures of the extra factor.

Women truthfully do not only fantasize but are people who do not only seek to have the romantic culture in today’s movie industry but some are realistic in nature. Women tend to like men who add up to improving the relationship with activities that has an inclination their men are thinking about them. Such is when a woman knows her man yearns to learn a dance for example only to set the two up for some entertainment if not public at least private.

I have spoken to a few friends and asked their thoughts on the taste of having or dating and even to a wider extent have men who dance as committed partners, guess the answer? “I want my man to dance and not just dance but a good one”, a friend I remember mentioned that’s what she sees in a man to be romantic. Another was like “it’s cute” and finally I get to know by a phone call that “it’s actually a lovely thing for a man to dance especially in public” says a few women interviewed.

If you are struggling with your woman loving you to some extent maybe you should add to your life a dance not funky but at least Salsa or Kizomba.

Life is just beautiful if we want to make it beautiful.”- Bait Moore Quotes.

By: Dzo bibi

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