What your marriage was destined to be.

Many have asked the very essence of marriage.  A mammoth of the world’s population have witnessed pit falls so debilitating to the health and entire well- being of a person who at one point believes he or he loves his or her partner and so to crown such discovery or so others call it feeling or conviction, marriage.

Marriage by some say it’s beautiful, others have said it has led them to terrific and terrific crossroads in life. But in all these experiences of others, everyone owes their happiness in marriage to themselves in the manner of a conscious work effort through both spiritual and physical means.

With inspiration and insight drawn from Genesis 2:4 -25, this is what was destined for your marriage to be:

Marriage has a head and that is the man. He is the leader, driver and pioneer of the home or family.

The man was in a crafted environment made by God, men superior, provider, maker, sustainer or master. Man has to deliberately dwell in the presence made for him, for man is never and can never be on his own.

Man has a companion brought, made and equipped to assist and not compete him. This companion is with clarity perceived by the man to be of his own bone and flesh and thereby not his servant but his perfect extension of himself. Man competing with his companion woman is headed to self-destruction. How can you compete with your own self?

The two must dwell together and are not be shamed in the relationship. They are transparent to each other, they had nothing to hide and nothing to cover.

Marriage is the channel for you to see yourself replicated into the future by your DNA, its work! And can be paid daily with love.”- Bait Moore Quotes.

By: Dzo bibi

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