“I lived in Obinim’s house for 2years..95% of Net2 & Demon breaker’s allegations are False”- Ace Sound Engineer Fredima reveals

Ace sound Engineer Fred Kwame Kyei popularly known as Fredima has revealed on Facebook that 95% of Net2 and Demon Breaker’s allegations levelled against Bishop Obinim are untrue because he worked and lived with the man of God for two years (2015-2017).

Replying to a post made by a Facebook user who asked if Obinim church members would still attend Obinim’s Church if the ban on social gathering is lifted, this is what Fredima wrote;

“You only know about the “supposedly ” bad side. How can you listen to only one side of the story? I am a witness to most of the allegations thrown at him. I lived, ate, slept and worked in Obinim’s house and media for 2 years so i am privy to things that happened from 2015 to 2017 when i went through crisis.
95 % of the things being said by the Demon breaker and the one yesterday on Net 2 are false.
I have decided not to respond to any Facebook posts on Obinim but i think sometimes when certain people i hold in high esteem tend to most times vilify Obinim, i laugh. His good deeds overrides his bad. His only problem i have is the way he communicates when he goes into a situation which he’s openly admitted that he has failed in that area.

I am opening up to you now because i have seen your great dislike for him anytime an issue about him crops up. I can’t begrudge you because it’s your opinion about someone you’ve not met personally before. We hear a lot of bad stuff about others but when you love that person, you try and investigate before you condemn him.At least something good will definitely be in that person. Obinim is not evil as perceived. He has his shortfalls in some of the way he handles certain things. He shall continue to be my friend and i will consult him on my personal spiritual matters when the need arises.
The world is not ending today despite the coronavirus scare.
Sine awieɛ na yɛ bɛhunu kyaley.
Life is there for all of us.


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