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7 things to do to yourself to boost your confidence.

It is said in the good old book “as a man thinketh; so is he”, just pause for a moment! What are your thoughts about yourself right now? I agree life isn’t rosy and to that, we might encounter some bad days but in sum how is your thinking pattern about yourself? Life won’t promise you trouble-free but alas relax and put these are few coined practical things we could do to beef life up no matter what.

To boost your self-confidence you can do these:

1. Start and continue to have a positive self-image, see yourself to be of good value no matter what. You are not created to be unimportant you should know for sure you were created and brought here to solve a need. In other words there’s none unimportant.

2. Keep conscious check out on your words, what you say is really what you mean. Positive speech pattern words are strong, you are actually where you are because you kept saying what you have now. Many have claimed to joke when at a point in time the things they said catapulted them to a better or worse situation. It’s said “a man who cannot control his mouth can’t control his destiny”.

3. Visualize your self being better. What you see about yourself admits challenges affects your image. One famous man in history after performing a miracle named Jesus what the blind man saw after his first sight he said he saw men as trees, Jesus released his vision was incomplete. Have a complete vision by seeing yourself in God’s word.

4. Learning to love yourself, you can’t give what you don’t have so learn to love, appreciate and enjoy yourself before someone does that for you. You are the one you have been waiting for, assuming you are the only one in this world who are you waiting for to make you happy?

5. Learning to appreciate others even when they don’t appreciate you, say sorry to yourself first when you stumble at a stone or rock, learn to talk to yourself by forgiving and complimenting yourself when you make a mistake or do something right. I have to experience that a grateful heart is a discerning heart

6. Do something for someone for free at least once a week, this will make you a hot cake sooner than you expected. Freely you have received freely give. Whatever you have isn’t by your effort only. The life you have, breath you take all summed up isn’t by your power, learn to care for someone for free to change this world.

7. Ask questions others won’t dare to ask, ask questions! Those who ask questions come to know expand their horizon at the end of day, actually people who ask questions keep others on their toes and basically most of such people have their presence felt be it present or absent.

“No heart can be made confident unless the heart decides to be confident”- Bait Moore Quotes.

By: Dzo bibi

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