If you were just dumped; do these.

Everyone wants to be loved. No one really wants to be an island but when your partner understands you are not a match to his curricular of love life anymore, sweetheart considers these:

Know that someone desperately wants you! It sounds crazy right! But trust me it’s true. There’s none without someone who cares for them. Let this world’s statistics say whatever, but your suitor is out there searching or either waiting for you. Just be patient.

You should see the situation as a comedy show, laugh when necessary, quit worrying and blaming yourself, you should accept responsibility but to keep your head in the sand is no go area.

You should go out this weekend’s alone and either watch a movie, window shop or shop for stuffs you have wish listed for years if there’s available cash. If you’ve blown your budget do the needful to engage you, because then, the devil won’t be able to find you a job for free.

Decide not to be bitter, I have seen people dump a partner and come together, bitterness is sweet poison to your mind, soul and spirit. What’s there like a sweet poison? You might feel a bit okay brooding, talking and recalling the pain (sweet poison) but is it worth it today as well?

Finally just say “thank you” to the one who dumped you. Remember even at the refuse dump there are tendencies for recycling opportunities. It’s not over yet. Not even God your creator, who you often turn your back on leaves you unattended if you call. Smile breathe anew, there’s always love in the air, heal and love again.

“We really aren’t dumped when our partner says they have by their actions, we have just been given the opportunity to live better, happier and younger.” –Bait Moore Quotes.

By: Dzo bibi

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