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What is Ghamro doing about all these? – Dada Hafco

In recent times, I’ve come to realise that some of the monies shared by our collection society are distributed to musicians who may not have put out records for decades and do not have records spinning on radios.

I think is about time we put out some education.

Monies distributed by Ghamro is supposed to be shared amongst creatives who’s works have been used and have materials enjoying airplay.

But because theres no logging system or data to back how many times “Asomasi’s” songs got rotated on radio, monies are just shared amongst almost everyone who has registered with the outfit. (I stand to be corrected).

I’ve recently seen and heard a few people complaining of their monies being small and these people dont even have songs on radio as we speak today.

The thing is, if we can put things together properly, ie

Having a proper logging system, having rates for new songs, the immediate past ones and the old songs.

Also liasing with authorities to let radios know the percentage of new songs to play and that of the old, music will be such an enjoyable thing to do.

Every artiste being new or old and in any genre would have a play on radio and also get to have something by the end of every month.

How do we charge these radios for them to pay for songs that have been used?

It means that most of the artistes who have been commanding the airwaves today are being thrown under the bus, simply because theres nothing to determine how many times their songs have been played, therefore their monies may be going to certain people who dont deserve.

What is Ghamro doing about all these, is been too long for too many excuses and explanations.
Can we get to work and fix this already?

Maybe the government is also not paying attention to the sector, can the people who have been elected and close to the corridors of power put pressure on them to pay attention?

Does the government even know how much it stands to gain once all these are fixed?

Why does the GFA always go for administrators to manage their affairs?
One thing we must know is that, it is an administrative work and therefore must not rely on former footballers, but only if the person has some knowledge in administration.

Why can’t we do same for music?

The black stars job sometimes is given to a foreign coach because we want competent results right?

Same must apply to our music.
If we can find someone at let’s say at PRS or Sony Music etc to manage the affairs for us to get proper results, what stops us?

Let’s think about these few!!!

By Dada Hafco

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