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7 things you should be thinking about but you keep ignoring.

Edward Gibbon said: I never make the mistake of arguing with people for whose opinion I have no respect.” You might have heard of the saying as a man thinketh so is he- this is exact from the bible, one unrelenting source of truth to life. There are several thoughts that comes to mind time to time but the saying you can have birds fly over your head but can choose to allow them build nests is very pivotal to every functional soul.

To live a fully functioning life is to live life daily by making conscious choices because whether or not you make those choice time ticks anyway.  Being more concerned with what people think about you can be very challenging to your success. It is time to channel you thinking patterns to strategic point where you see results; following these pattern as scrolled by ancient author Paul the apostle in his letter to the Philippians chapter 4 verse 8 declares you should be on the look for these:


  • You are to think about things that are true; when was the last time your pastor, friend or you reading for yourself knew and you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free? Truth they say never expire, it never dies and truth is a surety. If you are not living in truth then I guess you have work to do, it’s never late though. So it then what is truth? This is debatable but form my perspective I believe what the bible calls to be truth, and this is how the bible puts it: “Jesus said unto him I am the way, the truth and the life no man comes unto the Father, but by me.” – John 14 v 6 (NKJV). You can choose to make your own truth, but one truth that stands out is that Jesus says He is the truth.
    • In practical terms you are to think about Jesus, in thinking that pattern Jesus mentioned in His word in His name you will do greater things. If there is chaos somewhere in your life then some falsehood exists and this falsehood can be scooped out by believing the truth who is Jesus. After believing just witness how things begin to scum to your faith in the Christ.
  • Think about honest things, scripture emphasizes us to think about honest things, where honesty means consistent truth being told, yet today in order for some to make a living falsehood in information just for the sake of getting food on the table, corruption has become the order of the day some journalists cannot be counted out, and I perceive it will be a challenge for some if they want to turn around but I think anybody who has ever told a lie before should be in the position what relief being honest in all things helps live life in simplicity.
  • Think about just things being just is being exact, most relationships have failed and are failing because people were not exact, those who are exact are said to be too principled and unfitting to be related with. You might have heard or join in calling others or you being called “too known” well if you are too know I think it should be a plus for you if it’s because you are exact. More grease to your elbows then. Why would I commend you? It’s not just cheap to be just, it’s an expensive trait money can’t buy.
  • Think about pure things when was the last time you had pure thoughts void of evil consistently? And even though thoughts at some point flooded you, did you continue in the pattern of graduating to the thoughts to manifestation? Or you blotted it out by reminding yourself you should not think that way? Well bible says blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God, if you want to see God I guess by now we have to by God’s help he keeps making available through the Holy Spirit we good to go.
  • Think about things that are lovely, are you always listening and probing what to do about the unpleasant state of this life, or you are hopeful things would get better by trusting God, things will work together for good? Have you thought of how you lovely you would be if you were a peace maker in your family, instead inspector fight every one off? What about how you could become lovely by maintaining your hygiene to decency, what about being a better husband, wife and not forgetting how lovely could you be if you could drop the adding of zero’ to figures in the office, home or to your business partners?
  • Think things that brings good report, what things would you do to bring a good report to your family, school, group, country or community? Paul the ancient apostles recommends if there be any thoughts to think of it should be that which brings good report, perhaps if you would take some time to think of what things to do, to bring forth a good report your family, work, school, community or country would be better.

“When we deliberately choose to think on things that depreciates our worth then we have choose to be feeble men without purpose.” –   Bait Moore Quotes.

By: Dzo bibi   

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