3 simple and underrated things killing most relationships today

As centuries keep fading away, human behavior keeps soaring either from good, bad to worse. Every soul on earth has a belief in something either in science or religion, culture, or name it. Scientist believes this earth and its subjects has its foundation hit out from the big bang theory. Religion believes there is a god or God.

We all are unique in our perspective relating to culture, education, and human relationship. The underrated three behavioral factors dwindling relationships in this century are;

The appreciation factor, you don’t need to necessarily open your mouth to say thank you to show how kind you appreciate things but just after your partner has cooked, washed or shopped for groceries you just don’t go rewarding him or her by being inconsiderate to only think they are performing their duties, this is one thing killing relationships in the century.

The sharing factor; when it comes to sharing it raises many brows to think of what length, depth, width, and height is there to give a part of what belongs to another to the other counterpart. Relationship is a testing ground for the giving heart. Basically, I can say relationship is complex but sharing all you have with your partner who you have committed to makes relationship easier to bear.

Communication factor; man is a social being I simply put it. Put a man in a cage and give him all he wants in a cage, man will want another being so to commune with. In this era, most educated people are killing softly their relationships with technology, actually, something meant to improve communication.

“A balanced life is simple than complex life where our monetary goals keep soaring and ego keep rising”- Bait Moore Quotes.

By: Dzo Bibi


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