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We’re No More Gospel Musicians But Motivational Singers – Bra Paul

Spirit filled gospel singer, Mr. Paul Addae, known in the Showbiz circles as Bra Paul has said in an interview that, the current crop of gospel musicians should be called ‘motivational singers’ and not ‘gospel artistes’ as they are being called now. The artiste in his view believes that, being a gospel artiste goes beyond being in church and and mentioning God’s name in songs.

“Christianity as a religion is currently being disrespected and has come under serious scrutiny because, some motivational singers and teachers have been parading themselves as gospel artistes and preachers of the gospel. For a long while, I have noticed that, among the lots, just a handful can be considered as gospel artistes. The likes of Uncle Ato, Mama Esther, Daughters Of Glorious Jesus, Mark Anim Yirenkyi have over the years proven our worth as gospel artistes, the rest only do motivational songs and shouldn’t be considered as gospel artistes.

Being a gospel minister ( either a musician or singer) is a great task. You don’t do things out of your own will but by the instructions of God. Our predecessors who started this gospel genre never rushed into releasing songs, some had to wait for years amidst fasting and prayers before releasing a song or an album and such songs are always evergreen. Reverence will always be given to legends like Rev. Mensah Bonsu, Tagoe Sisters, Jane and Bernice, Bernice Offei, Kusi Berko, Stella Ducan, Amy Newman, Elder Mireku, Baffour Kyei Mensah, Yaw Sarpong and Asomafou, Mark Annim Yirenkyi, Mc Abraham and a host of other great legends who gave us soul touching songs which we still sing in our homes, churches and being played on our airwaves. Gone are the days when songs from these legends don’t only edify the soul but was a religious companion to a good upbringing.

Today, gospel songs don’t give such teachings but rather, ways to make money and lead a comfortable life and showing whatever talent one has. The concentration has veered from teaching the word to living a flashy lifestyle.

Even in our churches, most of our pastors have diluted their messages to suit man with the fear that, saying the truth might cause him his church members. I commend the likes of Evangelist Akwasi Awuah, the late Evangelist Oduro, Rev. Eastwood Anaba and others for staying truthful in disseminating the gospel.

Truth is, Christianity has become unattractive to many due to the uncouth behaviors of most of these so called gospel musicians. Because they are identified publicly as gospel artistes, the church and Christianity as a whole ends up being questioned for their actions and inactions and in the end, the genre which is suppose to be devine is badmouthed. How can a gospel artiste throw aspersions in their songs and still be considered as a gospel musician? Have we forgotten our core duties as gospel artistes?

Most of us grew up listening to some good motivational songs from the likes of Nana Kwame Ampadu, Jewel Ackah, Kojo Antwi, Amakye Dede etc. Some of them even have a whole song on Jesus. Why can’t they be called gospel singers as well looking at the definition given to a gospel song and a gospel artiste today?” he asked.

The artiste further explained that, the role of every gospel musician is to be an example of Christ to his or her generation.

“There’s nothing like an ‘old gospel lifestyle’ in Christianity. You must practice and follow the legacies of your predecessors and so, anytime I see these current crop of musicians parading as gospel acts and their love for fashion, I marvel.

Light has got nothing to do with darkness. If you decide to be an advocate of the gospel, do it without any worldly influence. The modern day gospel musician and preacher has veered, hence, their songs and teachings don’t only lack the divine anointing but have been diluted to please man making it is impossible to heal and save souls like before. Too much makeups and stylish dresses, fake news for the trends, disrespect for each other and the thirst for fame has been the order of the day. With such attitude, it is very difficult to differentiate between a gospel artiste from a secular act and it is evident even in the kind of songs they produce these days.

To stop their deeds from tarnishing the body of Christ, they should be identified as ‘motivational singers’ and not ‘gospel singers’. That way, there will be sanity in the gospel society and our image will be redeemed as the bearers of the gospel” he concluded.

Bra Paul has been an exceptional gospel singer in the last few years. He’s churned out great hits like tetelestai ( Pentecost praise), Gyina Pintin, Akristofo Nyame amongst others. He is currently out with his latest single Bibiaa Beye fine ( BBF). Follow and get interactive with him on these social media platforms;

FACEBOOK: @BraPaulMinistries.

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