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Consider your markets before you produce.

Music production should be considered and treated with all the seriousness any other serious production requires. So do some market research, consult, do some basic studies of the market, look at the kind of artist you are or want to be( brand), what your target market should be or who you should be targeting with your song( your product). I am not sure any serious company would just wake up and produce something because a marketing or production manager feels like it.

Let us take time and consider our markets and brands before we put anything out there. When you don’t have any plan you can easily be frustrated and think that music is not for you. That said, it doesn’t mean that anytime you plan or research then you would have a hit no, music is dynamic just like any other business. Don’t banks fail, don’t schools fail, don’t governments fail? They do but when you have a plan and have done some research you are able to go back to the drawing board and give an intelligent guess as to what the problem could be and proffer a solution. This would then help you in your next production and brand positioning.

All said, be mindful of tone selection, think of the style you are producing and which scale would best bring or suite the style, be mindful of the key signature, time signature, and definition of chords. Understand what the melody is and be creative when it comes to chords formation and chords progression. Be sure if you really need Tuba or ukulele in a particular song your working on, if traditionally that instrument is not used in the style but you still feel strongly that you should use it then, you would have to be very creative about it because, you are serving a targeted group with something they are not used to so, prepare the food such that they wouldn’t have to struggle to eat. They should just feel like it’s only a flavor and not a totally different cuisine.

There are so many things one can consider, please don’t get me wrong with all the science I am talking about because as music people in the studio, some times the vibes come to us and we want to pour the same way but, consider the vibe as the raw material, we need to refine it and make it edible, ass value and increase the life span of the product on the shelves hence, some of the points I raised earlier.
It is this failing to add value by African countries that is why we keep producing raw material and the West determines how much they want to pay for it, simply because we fail to add value…Cocoa, timber, and gold. God help Africa.

I can go on and on but I know musicians don’t like reading long passages so I would stop here. If I get the sense that I should add more then I would be obliged to add more.
Thank you.

By: Obed Otoo

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