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Being a musician is a full-time job

You chose to pursue this journey because of your desire to write, experiment, and perform not to chase club promoters or make pitches to media outlets. And while being an independent artist is empowering, it doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.

As many artists start to develop and grow, they should consider forming a team around them to assist with the administrative and logistical aspects of their careers that have evolved to become totally necessary to succeed in the music industry in this day and age.

A great majority of artists in 2020 are involved in every aspect of their business in order to maintain brand consistency and make sure that they have a say in how their music is received and interpreted by the public audience, so it’s important for an artist to make sure they surround themselves with the most suitable people for the job.

Who and what you will need in your artistic team .every team member has a role to uplift your career, stop hanging around friends who just want to be around you to belong in your entourage. , a manager should build a team around the artist by fishing out people with the potential to grow the artist brand. I know sometimes in places like Cameroon it is not easy to have a team around an artist because most Cameroon wants the money first without delivering what they can do .people will come around when they realize there is some cash flowing around.

To have a team around artist the team members have to align with the manager’s vision for the artist and deliver their potential. some people will want to join and learn in the process .to maintain a team you the artist manager have to understand that people are humans sometimes they can flip emotions., you have to know how to settle internal conflict around members, never take a side when trouble rise, be neutral and find a solution to keep the peace, without peace around an artist team the mission can fail.

Treat every team member with respect, treat them like they are valuable to the growth of the artist .but when one of the team members started feeling like you can’t do without him or her, there is always a replacement in the music business ., you quickly replace anyone with alter ego . in this industry many people are not stable, some like where things are happening like side corner parties and clubbing, when its time for work, they start giving you one or two excuses.

BY: Rene Immortal Matik (RIM)


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