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Three Ways to Increase Your Music Income

1. Increase your number of fans (fanbase).

Here is how you can do this: Get serious about your newsletter.
On socials, it’s easy to go down the rabbit hole frantically searching for new fans, but you may be forgetting the ones you already have.

These fans don’t need to be found, because they’re already following you!
Studies have proven that it is much harder to make a new client and get them to purchase something than it is to get a client that already knows and trusts you to purchase from you over and over.
Yes, stop wasting time on Facebook ads and tweeting till your fingers go numb and adding more filters to Instagram!

The way to get fans to engage and increase your music income is still with your newsletter.
You need to be consistent in sending and have a reason for fans to open each and every one.

Use Mail Chimp or Constant Contact – You must be able to track open rates and customize and train yourself to send your newsletter at least once per month. Train your audience to expect them on a certain day and time of the month.

*Take time every month to add new email addresses to your list
*Mine your inbox and outbox for names and addresses to add.
*Send DMs to Your Most Engaged Fans on Socials
*Spend time on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and ask if you can have their e-mail addresses for your newsletter. This is a bit arduous but the results will pay off.

Invest in Clipboards & Promote From Stage – It’s so old school but it works to pass a clipboard around the venue asking people for their social media (everyone wants more followers) as well as their email addresses

Invite people onto your mailing list with a raffle or giveaway from the stage, and collect e-mail addresses.

During your performance, hold up a merch item on stage and then give it away: you’ve just inserted a full commercial into your set without feeling “salesy” and you’ve excited one of your fans by giving them a gift.

Or get a cheap phone and ask fans to text you their email straight from the stage!

2. Increase the frequency of purchase (how often your fans buy from you).
To do this, you’d better have more than just music to sell!
Ask yourself: what can I offer my fans on an ongoing basis that will get them to buy?

First, you have to have real fans that have proven they want to buy. Once you do here are some ways to get them to

Have A Strong Presale Strategy

Work with Pledge Music to structure an effective pre-sale campaign before you launch a new project to monetize it.

Monthly Fan Club – Use Patreon
Record a unique track, live session or video once a month and charge your fans a small fee and have a sliding scale the club ($2 – $10 a month). This will add to your vital music income.

Special Events with the Band Club
Create a fan club that hosts periodic special events a year. Not all of them have to be you performing. You can get creative. Have a wine-drinking day a bowling night, a garden picnic party or a pub crawl. Get local businesses involved by holding these events on a slow night, like a Monday, or during a down month for the business.

Artist Critique and Feedback
Invite your biggest fans to come to hear the songs that you’ve written for a new album or EP release. If your fans don’t all live near your hometown you can do this on a live streaming site or as a Facebook Live!

Play the tracks and give listeners feedback cards and let them contribute their opinions. This makes your fans feel extra included because they can help you choose what will make it onto your new record.

3. Invest In A Long-Term Musician’s Marketing Plan

Before you go straight to hiring a radio promoter, a Spotify playlisting company or a publicist – STOP!

Ask yourself what your objectives and goals REALLY are! Most of the time just getting PR won’t add money to the bottom line!

I am always amazed that artists will spend years preparing a release and then spend almost zero time planning for how to properly roll it out according to what is actually working in today’s wild-west of the music business.



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