My Mind

Create your path, rewrite history and make the world proud.

Nelson Mandela left from zero to superhero, from jail to PRESIDENT, Bill Gates was predicted to amount to nothing because he dropped out of college, Akon made it to Legendary status even with a terrible criminal record. There are 1001 of such examples.

Like the very intellectual PROFESSOR MAURICE KAMTO rightly said it, nothing is over until it is over.

Faced with the unbelievable we might think that we are doomed to fail but guess what it’s just about to happen for you. If everyone was to recount you their dark moments you will probably count yourself lucky enough. We all have our various stories and experiences in life. What matters most is the end.

Whatever you wish for be it money, marriage, health, a job you name it, shall be yours. It’s not time to turn back. Like Johnny Walker keep on walking.

It’s a brand new week. I wish you brand new energy, strength, and focus.

By Martin


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