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The Envy of the World: On Being a Black Man Outside Africa

It’s really hard to be a Black Man anywhere in the world.

We Black People have given up ourselves to other people to prey on without any fear nor worry and we go about blaming people all the time for our situation.

Look at what is happening in China at the moment. Everyone else is free to circulate exception Black People from Africa. They are sent out of their homes and forced to quarantine for an extra 14 days even when they do not have any signs of Corona or have not come in contact with people suspected of having Corona.

Black Americans no one jokes with them because they know The USA will retaliate very fiercely. What I am saying is happening as was speak in the Chinese city of Quanzhou.

Africans are taking that very lightly. Africans are the only people that anyone can prey on and go free without anyone saying anything. That’s why Africans are sold as slaves by “Africans” in Libya, that’s why vaccines are always tested in Africa without consulting the opinion of Africans themselves who are always used as guinea pigs.

Who else is to be blamed besides ourselves. We hardly ever take action before any situation. We hardly ever predict and prepare for eventualities. All we know is to be begging and borrowing everything from others and praying to God for solutions to our problems and nothing ourselves. Things don’t work like that.

We don’t really think for ourselves that’s why others thing from us. In today’s world money has taken over everything and it shall be like that till the end of the world if the world ever ends. The amount of respect you get depends ONLY on your capacity to cater for your needs and that of others.

I am taking out of the experience which out knows it’s a better teacher. Africans it’s time to wake up from our deep slumber. I am really disappointed with the African mind.

If you imagine the disrespect that Africans go through in the rest of the world just because we can’t take care of ourselves then you will know what I am talking about.

Africa depends on others all the time for everything. We don’t control our economy, our medical and educational system. We don’t control absolutely anything that concerns as that’s why we have become a playground for big boys.

Like you already know the real blame is not on Chinese people but on Africans themselves.

Chinese and other nations/people are very well in their role of exploitation towards others like everyone else will likely do but they keep doing it while we do nothing about it. In the jungle, big boys feed on small boys.

The solution is effective African unity. We keep singing that every day but Africans won’t listen. That’s the saddest part of the story.

You see what happens. In the jungle, a lion will be devoured within minutes by 10 hyenas but never by one or two hyenas.

It needs a flock of them.

BY: Martin Enow

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