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Email Marketing for Musicians

As we are in 2020 you may not have thought to put too much effort into Email Marketing for Musicians – if any at all. However, that could be a mistake. We are living in a world where social media reigns. Businesses, musicians, and entertainers all advertise themselves across social networks daily. Throwing yourself into that mix is a necessity for sure but how do you make your voice stand out from the crowd? Email marketing can give you a direct connection to your audience away from timelines and other artists. In theory, it can be like a personal conversation between you and your fan. Let’s look at some fundamentals and basics to get you started.

Email Marketing: Growing Your List

here are a few ways to organically grow your list. Incentivizing your fans to opt into your mailing list is a great start. With that said, you should be creative in your approach.

A popular method is giving away music for free in exchange for a fan’s email address. Using a fan gate like Toneden, Hive, or Artist Union can make this process easier for you. Adding one of these providers widgets on your SoundCloud tracks will incentivize the user to exchange their email address for your song. Email marketing for musicians is more than just trading free music for emails.

As your list of email addresses grows, you want to make sure you can contact your fans consistently in a professional manner. Managing your email list is easy with a service like MailChimp – one of the most popular email marketing services available. Alternatives such as MailerLite, MailBlast, or Email Octopus work just as well. With tools such as these you are able to create automated emails, add widgets to your website, and track your email list.

Finding or creating templates that match your brand shows consistency. Aside from looking the part, a nice template will be appreciated more than a plain text email.

As you can see, Email Marketing for Musicians can be quite simple. Using download gates as a introduction to your email campaign will be a great way to engage. As always, it should be noted that your primary focus should be on the music. If your music isn’t great, the campaign will suffer.

Writer: Rene Immortal Matik (RIM)

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