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We all know that the world is facing the very dangerous Corona Virus and it’s vices. Some even say the world will come to an end.

From information gathered left and right it is obvious that there is hope. In the days ahead we shall overcome this pandemic even without a vaccine because for sure a sure vaccine may take a long time for testing and others. Shall we wait for that long?

We can give this virus from china the red booth in no time by doing the following:

1) Wearing masks.

Masks at this time are not meant for Doctors only, they are for everyone infected or not.

Use the medicated max that you see me wearing as seen on my status. If you do not have that one then use locally made masks. They are all very effective.

Mask is very rare these days for obvious reasons. You can wear a medicated mask for several days provided it is not damaged by water or other. You can wash and reuse the locally made masks.

Mask automatically stop all infections from passing into you.

2) Maintain social distancing, 6 to 10 feet. In that case, the virus cannot get through you in case someone sneezes close to you.

3) Wash your hands regularly and disinfect your hands. In that case should you come across the virus you kill it immediately.

4) Leave your shoes outside your house when you go out. The virus could be brought into your house coming from outside. As you get into your house bath immediately and keep the clothes you brought from outside away from people or simply wash it immediately.

That’s how we can simply do away with this virus even without a vaccine which may take longer to come.

That we can achieve in less than one month if the whole world agrees to do that simultaneously. Indeed we don’t have a choice.

That’s how we can save the world at this very challenging time.

Please share the good news.

I love and care for you.


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