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Virtual Performance for Fans

As musicians face the struggles of live tours and shows being postponed for an indefinite period of time – it is time to innovate. Live music streaming has already been a staple in many musicians tool kit but how can other artists do the same? Choosing a platform that will yield the best results should be your main priority. Additionally, you should already know the statistics, analytics, and demographics of your audience. In most cases, this gives you a few options but generally speaking, you will either be live music streaming on YouTube or Instagram. Let’s take a look at how to promote yourself after you have chosen a platform.

No matter the platform you have chosen you will need to promote yourself. For the sake of conversation, we will pretend you will be streaming on Instagram. Furthermore, approach this how you would any Instagram marketing campaign. Create buzz and generate interest among your fans. You can go live and play whatever music you want to. However, you should be sure that you are well equipped for the task.

Be sure that you have a strong internet connection and the signal for your WiFi is full. If your stream stops, buffers, or digitizes during your set this could discourage fans from watching and may even encourage backlash. After you establish a strong connection now you have to set up a steady camera location. Set the camera in a location with good lighting that won’t move around.

Lastly, as you are performing make sure you engage with your fans. Throw in impromptu shout outs or answer questions they are asking. This is about your fans as much as it is about you. Keep the broadcast going on for some time. It may take your audience a few minutes to realize you are live. Keep your content fresh and make it a fun experience for all.

Writer: Rene Immortal Matik (RIM)

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