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From Fedex Receptionist to First Black CEO, Meet Ramona Hood

Ramona Hood was a 19-year-old in 1991 looking for a job with a stable shift that would allow her to attend college and raise her kid. And so she took a job as a receptionist in a company called Roberts Express.

28 years later, Roberts Express has grown to become Fedex, one of the biggest companies offering courier services in the world, and Ramona has become its President and CEO of Custom Critical.


Fedex shared the news on Wednesday that Ramona, who joined the company as a receptionist and grew to become the VP of operations, strategy, and planning, was being made the company’s first black CEO

Ramona said:

I wasn’t thinking this was going to be my career and I’d be here for 28 years,” says Hood. “I was a young mother. I wanted a job that had a stable shift that would allow me to do (college) courses as appropriate.

Ramona has been described as one with “innovative and strategic ideas that distinguished her from her peers”

Congratulations to Ramona!


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