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Staying relevant as an artiste is key in all the entertainment circles. It is a way of getting closer to your fans and being on top of their minds by continuously feeding and updating them with your works.
However, it is not easy to achieve this task as there are always people to compete with. As a result, most of these artistes end up creating stunts for the world to keep talking about them as they believe their works alone can’t sustain their relevancy. While some go the extra mile of forging their own accidents, others brag about their wealth and achievements  whiles others show nude pictures of themselves just for the trends.
Joining the fray, some gospel musicians have over the past few years have done, said and wore things for the trends but gospel musician Bra Paul thinks otherwise.
The *Bibiaa Beye Fine* hitmaker explained that, it is wrong for a gospel artiste to fake things for trends.
“ As christians, the way we act, dress and behave publicly is a big deal. Our work as gospel musicians is to win souls and to preach salvation. It is however a pity when the gospel artiste involve him or herself in scandals and other filthy acts just for the trends.
“ just as Christ, the world expect certain qualities from us before they can open their doors to us. It is impossible for a‘ worldly ‘  person to open his or her door to a so called gospel musician engulfed in negative controversies, dresses inappropriately,
Style their hair the ungodly manner etc. how different are you from the worldly person? “ he asked.
Improper dressing is never encouraged in Christianity because, when Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating from the tree of life, they covered themselves with greens. God upon realizing how they were improperly dressed gave them the hide of a goat to fully cover all their body contours. This should tell you how important our dressing is to God. Don’t just dress to please fashion but dress to please God” he continued.
The gospel artiste again stated that, he doesn’t expect perfection from the gospel artiste as he believes they are humans and none is perfect. His worry however is, most of these gospel musicians deliberately do some of these things just for the trends.
“ I am not against an artiste falling for a temptation, we are humans and we all have our weaknesses. In fact, a woman can cause a pastor to fornicate and that doesn’t mean the pastor is fake. He is human and I believe if he realizes his mistakes and pray, God will forgive him.
“ My worry is how some of these gospel musicians deliberately pull-up stunts just for the trends. God doesn’t do trends, he deals with genuine people and its about time we expose those dragging the gospel in the mud.
“ A genuine gospel artiste shouldn’t be too concerned about fashion, they should rather be concerned about how well their bodies are covered. It is a shame how the crave for fashion is messing our gospel industry. It is very difficult to identify a gospel musician from a secular artiste when it comes to fashion and I think it isn’t cool. Our messages are being diluted because of trends. Everyone wants to adopt a particular style and as a result, most of our local gospel folks are now trying to sing in English because they believe the Nigerians are going places with that style forgetting the local Ghanaian woman who doesn’t understand the English language.
Bra Paul who has served Ghanaians with hit songs like *tetelestai*, *Gyina Pintin,* *Akristofo Nyame,* amongst others advised his fellow gospel artistes to stay focused in prayers especially in this end time. He believes musicians are the most effective tool God is using to touch souls and that they should avail themselves to be used by the Holy Spirit.
He is out with his latest single titled *Bibiaa Beye Fine (BBF)* which seems to be doing so well in Ghana and outside the territories of Ghana. It is believed to be the most played gospel song in the year under review and we hope for its nomination in the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards this year.
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Facebook: Bra Paul Ministries.
Instagram: Bra Paul8

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