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YOLO actress Etty Bedi responds to claim that she is copying Fella Makafui

Budding Ghanaian actress, Etty Bedi, has been accused of copying Fella Makafui and she has responded.

The claim was made by Ghanaian blogger Monte Oz who shared a photo of Etty and stated that “she wanna be Fella Makafui so bad”. The blogger’s comment did go down well with Etty who showed up beneath his post denying that she is copying Fella Makafui in any way.

Style ‘copying’ has been a hot topic recently after Wanlov claimed that Fella Makafui has been copying his sister, Deborah Vanessa, for three years now and has even become her clone sort of and advised her stopped.

In this sense, picking a style inspiration from a fellow socialite has been made to look like an unacceptable thing, therefore, Etty had to explain herself to avoid the copying tag being smeared on her.

Replying Monte’s post, she added that if it is about her shorthair look, she has been rocking that for the past years, denoting that she is not trying to be like Fella .“I admire @fellamakafui so much..she’s a hardworking and focused woman, but I aspire to be the best version of myself and I’m working towards it every fucking day, not a second rate version of someone else”.

She continued “@monteozafrica please can you pinpoint what exactly I’m doing that shows I wanna be like her?? I’m asking for a friend Is it the short her?? Then u don’t have a point oo Cos I’ve been #rockingshorthair for the past 4years”

Etty made it to the news when an erotic role she played in a short film landed on a porn site sparking reports that she is a porn actress. This she denied, stating her scene showing up on an adult content website only means she is a good actress who killed her role.

See more about Etty’s Fella copying claim in the post below.

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I Am Not Copying Fella Makafui – Etty Bedi • • Y’all ever seen someone copying someone in an exam hall and another person is also copying the copier? Yeah that’s the kind of thing Etty Bedi, budding Ghanaian actress has been accused of and she has responded. According to blogger Monte Oz, Etty is trying hard to be Fella Makafui, who Wanlov says has been copying Sister Derby and even copied her boyfriend. Miss Bedi reacting to Monte’s post said she admires Fella but she’s never copying her style. As for short hair do, Etty says she’s been doing it 4 years now. Etty also acted in YOLO but that is in the season 5 which Fella Makafui wasn’t casted for. _______________________________________________________ #FameBugs #Ghana #Actress #EttyBedi #FellaMakafui #YoloGhana #ShortHair #GhanaNews #SisterDerby #Wanlov #Ghananaian #Celebrities #Gossip #Enews #FameBugs

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