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Xbad The New Girl On the Block

It is December 2019, the Year of Return, a lot of music related activities in town. Performances all over the country as Ghana continue to host and welcome a lot of people from the diaspora mostly Black Americans and other music Icons from the USA and other parts of the world.

Smile Celebs caught with Agyingo, a celebrated music producer who has a lot of productions under his belt. He introduced a new girl who is about to release some singles this Christmas and a lot more in the coming year. Her   name is  Sheriff Sheriffat Yaron’Kano , AKA “Xbad”.. So we decided to have a chat with her …

        1. SC: Why the name Xbad or how did you come by your name?.  Xbad. it’s a long story but let me cut It short .. As I hustle on the streets of Accra trying hard to make ends meet, there was a need to supply a product to a client at Taborah Alhaji, when i got to the trotro station, a driver’s mate spotted me and screamed wow.” Girl you are extra bad” I will call you Xbad.It was all due to the way I was dress that hot afternoon. I was looking for a showbiz name at the time so for me it was God sent …So I adapted the name Xbad.
        2. SC:What’s your parental background? Where is dad and mum from?

      Dad is a Nigerian mother a Ghanaian from Upper East

    3.SC: Give a short history about your childhood. The places you lived, schools you attended.

    I lived in Upper East and attended Sabon Zongo Junior High later i  returned to Nigeria but came back to Kumasi and schooled at Elite College SHS

        1. SC: When did you did realize your singing talent. How long did it take you to start your professional singing career?

    I realized my singing talent 2019 after I had an encounter with A man of God named Apostle Francis Amoako Attah. Not long after meeting the man of God I had a connection with Agyingo Studio and everything started from there 6 months ago

    5.SC: Where and when did you have your recent education?

    Kumasi. Elite college

        1. SC:Aside music, which other talents do you have?

    i love business, I like trading and would love to  act movies as well

    7.SC: How many singles have you recorded so far?

    I have recorded two singles and a Mash up

        1. SC: How did you find you management or vice versa?

    I found my management through a church member, she said they were in search of a female singer.  i felt it was a good opportunity so i grabbed it.

    9.SC:  Name of the producers you have recorded with?

    So far I have recorded with Agyingo at Agyingo studioz in Dansoman

    10.SC: Names of the first ready few singles you’re about to release?

    So mi ha (Shatta bandle), Deciever and Xmash

        1. SC: What do you sing about mostly?

    I sing mostly about love and life

        1. SC: Your circle of music influence? I mean your role models.

    That would be Akosua Agyapong and Wiyaala, I also like Tiwaya Savage and Coco Terry

    13.SC:  Which music genres are you into?

    I do Afro Pop and High-life. Well sometimes a little dance hall here and there

        1. SC: You ever entered a music contest? Describe the experience, name the position you had.


        1. SC: Where do you wanna see yourself in the next 10 years.

    I want to see myself doing well in my music journey. I want to reach the world through my music

        1. SC: Are you taking music for a long term period?

    It is my dream to make music my full time work, however one has to prepare herself well so that she can have something to fall on while she traverse this music journey

        1. SC: How do you get to create your lyrics?

    Through experience and inspiration from reading the bible and listening to other songs. Sometimes from books I read and movies I watch.



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