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Mob justice In Ghana, a serious issue that demands immediate attention.

Mob justice is when a person suspected to be a criminal is beaten by a group of people or crowd with clubs, stones, machetes, or anything they can lay their hands on. In some cases the alleged criminal dies in the process due to excessive beaten or they are set on fire using old car tires and fuel.Mob justice also known as ‘instant justice’ or ‘jungle justice’ occurs in various towns and cities in Ghana. According to the laws of Ghana, this act is illegal and intolerable, but it occurs at an increasing rate. People who engage in this act are usually onlookers or people passing by or an organized group also known as “community vigilantes” whose aim is to protect the community from criminals.

In Ghana, it is not only alleged criminals that sometimes face mob justice, people suspected to be witches, wizards, adulterers and homosexuals sometimes find themselves in such situations. Due to the lack of trust in the law enforcement system in Ghana people turn to take the law into their own hands and deal with these alleged criminals their own way.

We at Smile Celebs find it necessary to bring this issue to the fore because of a sad story Fred Kyei Mensah posted on his face book wall today, 7/11/2019.

He titled the story as DESTINY OR ACCIDENT? but we want to take it a step further to draw society’s attention to this issue critically and call authorities attend to arrest the situation before another Major Mahama situation replays.

Mr Fred Kyei Story is as follows:

Yesterday evening, i passed by one of the barbershop i visit to have my hair trimmed at Achimota. There is a particular young barber who always welcome me with a smile and shout accolades on me.

He admires my contributions on social media , entertainment on radio, tv etc. As i entered the shop, i didn’t receive his beautiful smile this time. My heart lost a beat. I immediately asked his whereabouts and was told he’s dead! Awwww what happened?

The guy was called Michael Agboadzie,22 years of age who apparently had graduated from one of these foster homes being an orphan and had acquired a skill in barbering.

According to the information i had,he had gone out on the 2nd October, 2019 and was around Fadama in Accra around midnight when some people had broken into a car and had stolen the car’s battery. The shouting of “thief thief” attracted some of the neighbors who came out. He happened to have been in the enclave whilst the actual thieves had bolted with the goods. He was accosted and was accused of being part of the syndicate. He pleaded that he wasn’t part but the residents would not budge.

He was subjected to severe beatings and had internal bleeding. He died on the spot. What a world! I wept uncontrollably yesterday when i was told of this horrendous story.

This instant mob injustice should be looked at. Rest well Vybrant atekye. Unfortunately, i don’t have his picture.

My face after sobbing at the barbershop yesterday. This world.

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