Chinese woman gives birth to a child at 67, naturally! (photos)

A 67-year-old Chinese woman has become the world’s oldest mother to conceive naturally after she recently gave birth to a baby girl.

The new mother named, Tian, delivered a healthy girl by Caesarean section on Friday, October 25, Zaoatzhuang city’s Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital confirmed.


But the hospital said it could not confirm that Tian had conceived naturally as she was already pregnant when they took her as a patient.

The child was bestowed on the two of us by heaven,’ Tian’s 68-year-old husband, surnamed Huang, told Chinese news site Tian’s daughter reportedly weighed 2,560 grams (5.6 pounds) at birth.

Tian told Jinan Times that she only discovered that she was pregnant when she went to the hospital for a health check, telling the newspaper: ‘I didn’t want it, initially.’

Chinese newspaper Jinan Times said Tian already had two children, including a son born in 1977, two years before China imposed a one-child policy to control its burgeoning population.

Chinese woman gives birth

Currently, the world’s oldest natural mother is retired civil servant Dawn Brooke from Guernsey, who fell pregnant at the age of 58. Mrs Brooke gave birth to a son by C-section in 1997.

The world’s oldest mother is thought to be 74-year-old Erramatti Mangayamma from India, who last month gave birth to a pair of twin girls after undergoing IVF.

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