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Let’s go back to our roots. We are one people.Snappy KZsean

Roots Direction. Kill the system not the people. English Cameroon, French Cameroon, we were/are one people with different dynamic tribal languages, zealously rich in culture and originality before the First World War took place in 1914 and subsequently led to the partition of Cameroon, where France took control over more than half the population of our Motherland and Britain took just a fraction through devil’s weapon in Africa called “COLONIALISM”. and transformed into a French colonial system, administered through Assimilation, a system whereby they ruled us through figure heads from afar.


Today our problem seems to be an in-house problem meanwhile the predator is very far away in close watch as we shatter ourselves through a system we do not understand.

Let’s go back to our roots. We are one people.


Snappy KZsean



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