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Someone asked me what my business was in the Ghanaian Music Industry if I’m not a singer nor a musician. Now let me answer here. My knowledge about music is deeper than most so-called artistes and I say this proudly without causing any emotional trauma to anyone. How many even know their musical keynotes? No wait… How many even understand the term ‘keys’ in music? Has anybody even realised that during live performances, most artistes sing off-key of their very own songs? Inconsistency is the order of the day. But seriously, honestly what’s my business?? Let me keep my opinions to myself, I’m not a music teacher after all.


Now back to the main issue.
Edem (formerly Ayigbe Edem) couldn’t have said it much better, that Twi songs get much airplay and promotion than other dialects. Big ups Edem, I’m one of your biggest fan. And that is exactly my point! There seem to be something I will term ‘Tribal Discrimination Disease’ (TDD) in this country and I had thought we were doing all we could to curb this Tribal discrimination thingy. Unless, like a certain statement I heard in Ghanaian politricks… ‘Some Ghanaians are more Ghanaian than others’ which, with all due respect is abject NONSENSE! (No offense to anyone.) BUT WHY ARE TWI SONGS THE ONLY SONGS THAT GAIN MORE POPULARITY, AIRPLAY, PROMOTION, PUBLICITY AND WHAT-NOTS? It just ain’t right people! Seriously, are we not one people with different dialects and that’s how God wants it to be? Are we not all allowed to display our talents in our own way, in our own tongue? Be it music whatsoever? Quoting the Late Lucky Dube’s song ‘Different colours, one people’, this is a case of ‘Different dialects, one Ghana’. The Twi dialect is a total override on other languages and if we crave genuinely for one nation-one people-one common goal for development, for peace for a Nation whose anthem starts with God bless OUR homeland Ghana, then please, radio &TV presenters/DJs, etc. stop this biased attitude abeg. Even fellows of the same tribe does it to their brother and that is Mind Slavery.
If I’m not wrong, this notion of one particular tribe is superior to the other breeds nothing but chaos, enslavement and one day, the enslaved man would wake up and have the desire to fight for freedom. So ebusuafo, let’s all live the perfect slogan of our motherland Ghana… FREEDOM AND JUSTICE!
Let’s be fair to all, wai. It is sheer wickedness to have the desire to listen to Hindi songs, Spanish songs and the likes that most people don’t even understand but seem to hypocritically enjoy so much if you won’t promote, publicise and/or listen to YOUR FELLOW GHANAIAN singing in the language of Ewe, Hausa, Nzema and so on especially if the song is good and ask for the meaning of words used. Let’s give credit to our brothers and sisters who are putting in so much effort to please you and me in their music career, sleepless nights in the studio and oh you can’t begin to imagine the stress and health-threatening moments they go through only to be sidelined and given just one or two days airplay, while the Twifo no take over like they never exist. Enough wai, if you like, take this serious and be a true Ghanaian patriot and your brother’s keeper, if you like read this and insult me, I have simply stated the obvious. Once again, without prejudice.


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