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There’s nothing wrong with educating children about ‘pleasurable’ sex – Lydia Forson

Actress Lydia Forson says there is nothing wrong with integrating the controversial guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CES) into Ghana’s educational system as it is a way of preparing children for the current happenings in the world ABC News can report.

The yet-to-be-approved CES guide has been met with fierce resistance from major stakeholders in the education sector including parents and some faith-based organizations who vastly described the integration as a subtle attempt by the Education Ministry and by extension the government of Ghana to introduce the legalization of homosexuality or Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) rights into the country.

Although the Ministry has publicly denied the existence of the CSE in the current Basic Education Curriculum, the outspoken actress and entrepreneur believes something as ‘pleasurable’ as sex should not be discussed with so much shame.

“Why is something so pleasurable and God-given, so demonized by our society? Even in marriages where it’s supposed to be “permitted”, it’s still discussed with so much shame. Some of you, at your old age, still can’t say SEX without cringing, but you’re having it. Why do you think that is? she wrote in a series of tweets.

One of the reasons why she believes children should be taught on sex is the fact the 21st-century child is exposed to a lot of happenings in the world which they need to, at least, be prepared for.

Lack of sex education for children in her opinion is the cause of the majority of rape cases being perpetrated against innocent children.

“If you don’t teach your children about sex, someone else will and that someone will be that uncle, auntie, doctor, teacher. And history has taught us that for a lot of children these people teach them through rape. You can’t shield your children from what’s happening in the world, what you can do is prepare them for it. Sex education would have saved so many of you (us) from bad sex”

She took a swipe on the media for sensationalizing the discussion of the Ghana Education Service curriculum, arguing that is the cause of the widespread public outrage on the issue.

“All this outrage because some media houses chose to sensationalize the discussion of the GES curriculum, and others chose to spread false documents in support” she added.

Below are the tweets by the Actress:



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