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Never underestimate the strength and power of a guy who has lived in a rural area when it comes to a fight. By Fred Kyei Mensah

Never underestimate the strength and power of a guy who has lived in a rural area when it comes to a fight.

In 1976, after watching the film “The Five Shaolin Masters ” there was one particular actor whose name was Alexander Fu Sheng known in the movie circles as “Naacha”. I adopted that name and assumed i could fight like him.

In our neighborhood at Amakom, Kumasi, i was throwing my legs left,right, centre and making all the gestures like a highly skilled /karate expert. Meanwhile, i had had no training in Taekwando or any martial art.

Boys boys will meet on the streets and i would assume the role of the “Hero” as known in the local film parlance as “Jack” just because i had watched a Chinese film. Infantile mind.

Vacation took me to my hometown, Agogo Asante Akyem that year and like Don Quixote, decided to export and extend my “foolish ” thoughts of a hero. I had saved some money then so,i had gone to Kumasi Adum to buy a Chinese Kung-fu fighting sandals and a dress from the Nankani -Mary Akuamoah’s enclave. A full Asante Akyem Agogo – Chinese boy without any basic training in martial arts calling for a street fight. Lol

Because i was coming from the City of Kumasi, i had some “foolish ” boys to also follow me on my idiotic useless mission of going to fight. With my tantrums, there was this guy called Kwabena Obuor, who has stayed in Agogo all his life of my age. Wono na me kokaa no ntokwa. He was the one i provoked for a fight.

I charged “hiaaaaaaaaaa” and let the assault. A foolish heroine leading a fight. Lol. I started throwing my legs and making the gestures of my hero, Naacha(Alexander Fu Sheng). My fists and legs couldn’t land any kick on my opponent. He had the opportunity and held my hands. Come and see beatings. He beat me mercilessly. Wo boome ankasa. All my accomplices run away. I was heavily bruised and shamed with all my city guy guy nsem no. The downfall of Koo Kyei, the guy guy. Lol. The girls laughed at me.

He later became my friend and led all other assaults. Lol.

Don’t ever brag about something you have not studied well or have little knowledge about. Always upgrade your skills to meet your challenges.

Guy Guy Koo Kyei, animguase, akwaaba! Lol

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