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A wake up call to female artistes from Africa’s foremost voice coach, an artiste development expert

If you are a female music artist, and either believe or have been made to believe that using nudity and showing skin will help your brand or career.. You are living in deception..

You better wake up before it’s too late. If you don’t believe me, ask all the older female artistes who charted this path what kind of gain they made good or bad, fame or infamy??

The only thing nudity does is to distract people from your true talents and focus them on other things of less worth thereby derailing your career..

This is the true fate of many of the current female artistes, the real reason why they are more of music video vixens than real performing artists.

Also why when it matters most, nobody invites them to platforms considered professional or to places that could have helped to further their music careers.

The most important thing that will help your music career is adding value to your talent and improving on your standards through training.

The music industry is actually in dire need of serious and professional female artistes right now and it’s a good time to know the facts and focus on what really matters to distinguish yourself so that you can make your dreams come true.

Project your talent over your looks and not the other way round and work hard to prove yourself and nothing can stop you.

The truth is, the only people who keep telling you that you need to show skin or use nudity, are ‘perverts’ who have hung around the entertainment industry so long that they appear as if they know what they are saying.. They don’t!

If you really want to show skin or use your nudity, there’s actually an industry that will pay you for it..go there; Don’t waste your time using music as a camouflage.

Do yourself a great favour and keep your clothes on if you want to be a professional singer or artiste.. Thank me later!

©Coach Freeman


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