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It is said that the female cosmetics and toiletry industry has become worth, globally, more than $50 trillion a year – and all with the purpose of creating the illusion of facial sexual signals.

In true fact every normal human being will desire to live in total freedom, beauty, and wealth where love bonds all things. If some group of people arose for war; guess what the underlining factor was? Your guess is right as mine! It’s because they agreed and share something that attract them together. In the same way, women who are considered fashionesta’s have a sense of attracting ‘eyes’ on upon themselves; especially the opposite sex.

In almost every country large eyes are considered attractive. Make –up achieves the effect of enlarging the eye and recreating an infantile look. If eyes look larger relative to the lower face, they will engender protective feelings in men. When a woman finds a man attractive, her pupils dilate, and mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner all artificially create a permanent state of looking interested. Men are more attracted, however, to a woman who wears natural-looking make-up than one who looks as if she applied it with bricklayer’s trowel.

Contact lenses  give the illusion a woman’s eyes are glistening and have dilated pupils, which explains why photographic experiments show a man finds a  woman ‘strangely attractive’ when she wears contact lenses.

“Beauty today has been tainted with technology to appeal the more, yet many women are becoming worse in character”. – Francisca Adjei Sarpong

Source: Allan and Barbara Pease.

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