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Young girls who do well in marriages, business, academics, simply put, all spheres of life have exceptional father or “father -figure” to daughter relationship bonding. That’s my sheer experience. May be you a dad or yet to be, and if you desire to have a more productive girl- child growing to be an outstanding woman. You should know these secrets most mothers don’t know or wont share with you all because you are a man, yet to have a diamond as a daughter knowing these and working on them will make a great impact to your baby girl.

Truth is every father is actually the first “boyfriend” their daughter will ever have before any external one comes in, and if you are wise enough, you might want to train your daughter with respect, education and nurturing well so her self-esteem will not be on the low. When that happens by my experience can lead to your girl live life in a more responsible way.

In this piece, you will get to have relevant information and action aids which when worked on as father the growing pattern of your girl- child will remain an unforgettable journey, impactful and the rewards outstanding.

Every diligent father should know that according to Derek Llewellyn –Jones an associate professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Sydney;

At age 9-10 the bony pelvis of your girl -child begins to grow to attain a female shape. Fat begins to be deposited, commencing the changes in the shape to that of a woman. The nipples bud.

Action; you should bring your child to awareness in a more friendly way, and that should spell out she is growing and soon will be a woman. As a father form a stronger alliance with your wife and if a single father. You should let your girl- child know she’s growing more prettier and prettier, by now you should be more open to you girl- child because they do ask questions a lot. You don’t actually have to answer them all, your wife should be the coach and you the father, assistant coach. If a single father, the internet never sleeps for answer seekers. There are also great authors who write about fatherhood. The late Dr. Myles Munroe is one, Mack Thomas and Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes won’t be a bad one too. On a more professional level you can get her a counsellor, besides who knows your girl more than yourself?

Age 10-11 the nipples increase in size. Hair begins to appear over the pubis.

Action; by this time she has started experiencing a change all by herself and you might see her nipple protruding in her dresses if you are observant. Sweat will be a part of your growing girl, she will need a deodorant and a shaving stick to trim her private parts. Fathers can get their wives to aid in the trimming if wives are absent, we still will need a female figure and if unavailable be that wise father who doesn’t get tempted to eat his own seed.

Pointers here is, she will start developing secrecy if she can’t openly discuss issues on her mind most especially about her current changes at the moment. Tell your girl -child how proud you are of her growth and how you believe she will be outstanding. By this time let her know you believe in her.

Age 11-13 the area beneath the nipples develops. The internal and external genitals grow and develop. The vaginal wall thicken, and vaginal secretions may appear.

Action; She has to get a bra fitting her size ready. At least 3 could do, 7 -14 panties won’t be bad as well 7 underwear’s will be essential too. It should be known that doing these will prevent your girl-child to being a victim to any irresponsible soul in your neighborhood.

Pointers here is, she need to engage in a productive ability of hers due to secretions from her body, my suggestion. This could be any skilled activity of her choice, if your girl -child likes to draw, encourage her, if its music let her be, this is her productive time let her use it well. By this time she may probably be admiring someone at this moment, it could be you as her dad and not in the wrong way but that she hopes to see similar or more so, more of the good qualities her dad has in her future partner. You may ask her about anyone she admires in school, church, mosque or community as well.  Once you break the ice of a tensed father-daughter relationship, you just got your girl-child tread the path of a realistic womanhood able to hold a conversation.

Age 12-14 the breasts develop further, and the nipples become darker in color.

Action; she might be putting on her bra by this time depending on her body composition and stature. Your diamond will have to change her wardrobe or probably go shopping with her or mum together. Your girl should be brought to bear that her private parts are hers and not for others to play with, besides she is to report to you or her mum any one that attempts. Doing this for your diamond as a father brings greater joy to your daughter which is to have dad’s protection. It’s sweet! I must say.

Age 13-15 hair increase over the pubis and armpits. Acne appears on the face of about half of the girls. The menarche occurs, but first few periods occurs at irregular intervals

Action; congratulations! You have a young woman in your home! Her deodorant needs to be to consistent now. She should know which works best for her, testing time for deodorants selection should be over now so she doesn’t smell funny. A sanitary pad or tampon will be needed, your girl will needs extra 7-14 and above panties and bra, don’t exclude under wears.

She will need to know how to treat acne by either using a smaller face towel only to be used for a gentle facial scrub at least thrice a week alongside warm water and mild soap. Your girl- child needs to know she’s not weird to have menstruation. She’s to be reminded to shave her private parts frequently and will be more useful if she’s aided by a female figure.  You as dad, can encourage her to stay hygienic often since she’s now a young woman.  She should be told she will attract young men and boys but she needs to focus on what’s important being her abilities and education. As she comes to see boys come her way as you said, she knows you can be trusted and learnt from as dad.

Age 15-17 increased fatty deposition occurs on the hips and the breasts. Periods become more regular.

Action; She needs her monthly supplies being pad or tampons, panty liners as well, your diamond should be taught well how to fix her pads to avoid leakages. This stage gets her more female defined, it could make her body curvier. Wardrobe should be reconsidered since there could be added weight and old clothes will be tighter for your diamond by now.

Age 16-18 growth of the skeleton ceases. The girl has now reached her maximum height.

Action; If your diamond is a fun of high heels, she should by now know which one is appropriate for her height and not just wear anything to walk around in discomfort, crowning low self-esteem. Your girl who is now a woman should know men will come her way and that she’s responsible for her actions yet a diligent father knowing the challenges of growing up as a male will intend do his best for that responsible, outstanding woman he’s impacted to lead the world.

“If you have most women become arrogant, irresponsible and self-centered, you should go back and check first who their father was then their mother.” –Francisca Adjei Sarpong.

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