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Everyone will want to be remembered for something trust me. John Mason an ardent author said there are two types of people in the world: those who come into a room and say, “Here I am! And those who come in and say, Ah, there you are!”

One of the best things to do in life is living to make others live. Think of it there whether they become better or worse off when you are around?  You could emit positivity or negativity. What comes to mind if you are asked to take a vacation fully funded among a group of terrorist for three days with an remarkable allowance that could cater for your spending for three years, perhaps you will sit down all day counting the cost if you are risk taker, for the faint hearted which some might also call wise will be to say a big no!

You will have to have an opinion and a conviction as Martin Luther King Jnr did in his day, Yaa Asantewaa from Ghana, a female legendary warrior stood to her grounds and fought way back in during the slave trade she is said to have protected her community in those era. No woman without an opinion and a conviction will do this, she will have been home limited to her cooking gift alone but for such to have the urge to rise with a gun and dressed as a warrior wasn’t just a thing that came to her out of the blue When your opinion isn’t just hidden in you alone but spoken out for others who cannot speak for themselves then you will be on the path to be counted like the personalities mentioned above.

To be unforgettable you will have to boldly break tradition in Ghana or mot African countries it’s mentioned that when the elderly speaks its final, it’s to this wise saying among African or the black race welcoming suggestions which could move us forward has kept us in cycle of underdevelopment. Why will bible put it clear that God’s spirit will be on sons and daughters, as spoken forth in the book of Joel 2v28? Will that spirit upon young people be to adhere to wrong and ungodly decisions guided by elderly’s? breaking tradition has to do with rewriting the rule books an example is a time in history women were asked not to participate in decisions, even to some that they are only fit for marriage, today by the support of men women are leaders and not only for the sheer of proving a point but that two are better than one.

Staying unforgettable is to go the extra mile, its okay to be a singer in a choir where you have a great leading vocalist always leading but what if after rehearsal you could be extra with listening to songs and identifying other parts without the help of your music director. What about going the extra mile of your specialty? This will lead to you being identified for a task only you prepared in secret without the crowd or mass. It makes you profitable, relevant and reliable at all times.

Finally to stay unforgettable you will have to be consistent everywhere, you don’t need to change because of a challenge if there be a time where you altered your conviction making a U-turn is still possible. Stand for what you are known for which is stirred within and not without.


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