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Whiles some women get scared right at the point of knowing they are carrying another child or as first timers, for others it’s the sound of a new dawn, for those who will love to know they are pregnant at the moment consider these activities to have a less stressful pregnancy journey.

During pregnancy you should try to make new friends with couples who have young children, experience is said to have the best of teachers. Making friends with couples with young children gives you pointers on what to expect with your coming child you will pay nothing for. It’s a smart way to parent your great child yet to be born, you might have the luxury of attending a parenting class but the practicality of what you learn in a class is always before your eyes cheaper and rich with couples who have young children.


Try to find out about baby sitters who can help you take time out after the baby has been born, you actually don’t have to be in labor before you think of this, hell no! You will be screaming by then, it shouldn’t also be after labor it might be too late, all these being done is called planning, you have nannies you might pay for or most cheaper are family relations who will even be privileged help for free. Having this sorted afore time aids you to plan for the place of stay for your baby sitter and they that come around will feel a total sense of been thought about deeply, Girl! Don’t do it haphazardly! Put a lot of thought into it.

Contact your family doctor so that he or she is aware when your baby is expected to be born. Taking such action enables your doctor to be abreast with your current state to avoid any breach, delay or any unforeseen event. Don’t expect your doctor to call you if he or she does that times ago, you carry another genius this world needs let not passivity get in the way! Get in touch with your doctor often when you are entering your baby expectation season.

“If children were planned enough for before they were born, then the number of terrorists could be down than we have now.” – Francisca Adjei Sarpong.

Source: Derek Llewellyn – Jones


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