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Years ago, author John Mason posed a question in his book WHY ASK WHY, saying “are you known by the promises you don’t keep?” What will be your answer if you are asked this same question today?

Everyone on earth, I presume has lied for a reason best known to them at a challenging time or in a moment they felt pressured. When was your last?

For almost every day, people lie in court rooms, homes, schools, work place, church and communities.  Has anyone sat down to consider the rewards lying offers in the broader extent. I align with the fact John Mason mentioned that broken promises cause the world’s greatest accidents. It’s that simple! John coughed that you can’t make wrong work.

See for yourself what others have mentioned about lies;

“Dishonest gain will never last, so why take the risk? Book of Proverbs

“Honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom.” Anonymous

“Those that think it is permissible to tell ‘white lies’ soon grows colorblind”- Awson O’Malley

“Truth is always strong, no matter how weak it looks, and falsehood is always weak no matter how strong it looks” Marcus Antoninus

“If you continue to do what’s right, what’s wrong and who’s wrong will eventually leave your life”. – David Blunt.

Truth told when I lie I stay uncomfortable for days unless remedy it.

This is what lying will practically do for you for free;

Lying can throw you into a state of confusion where will you need to remember the exact thing you lied about in order to remain consistent with the current lie! It’s horrendous!

Lying will bring you an expensive embarrassment that can stain your reputation for long, see what a writer said “A reputation once broken may possibly be repaired, but the world will always keep their eyes on the spot where the crack was” – Joseph Hall. (English Bishop, Satirist and Moralist, 1574-1656).

It will break your relationships with others easily without spending much, all you need is to think and say.

It will make you unreliable and unprofitable within a quick stance.

It makes you live life in fear, you might be worried who finds out what and what at what time. What a burden?

It helps to make you untrustworthy.

Finally, it leads you to your eternal estate prepared for you; hell is a place stated by the bible to be the abode of the father of all lies- satan.

“To tell a lie is to waste time thinking of creating another lie and problems coming you never considered.”-

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Richmond Addy


Richmond Addy

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